Meaning of celerity in English:


Pronunciation /sɪˈlɛrɪti/

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mass noun archaic, literary
  • Swiftness of movement.

    ‘An individual's crime calculus is influenced by three factors: certainty, severity, and celerity of punishment.’
    • ‘Nowhere does fear do its work with more celerity and less constraint than in the financial markets, which often flee even from their own shadows.’
    • ‘Coerced abstinence reflects a shift in emphasis from the severity of potential sanctions for continued drug use to a focus on the certainty and celerity of consequences of use as the primary mechanism for changing offender behavior.’
    • ‘The overwhelming celerity with which the everyday perpetually transforms its packaging, the excessively rapid turnover of signs has condensed our historical perspective.’
    • ‘She knows how to pack the energy inside her lines and irregular stanzas with startling celerity and agility.’
    rapidity, swiftness, speediness, alacrity, quickness, fastness, celerity, velocity, dispatch, promptness, immediacy, expeditiousness, expedition, briskness, sharpness


Late 15th century from Old French celerite, from Latin celeritas, from celer ‘swift’.