Meaning of celery pine in English:

celery pine


(also celery-top pine)
  • A slow-growing evergreen tree with shoots that resemble celery leaves, growing from Borneo to New Zealand.

    Genus Phyllocladus, family Phyllocladaceae

    ‘In areas of high rainfall and infrequent fires, celery-top pine may dominate understorey rain-forest species.’
    • ‘Trees on the steep banks of the river include myrtle, sassafras, celery-top pines, laurels and giant tree ferns.’
    • ‘Among the more unusual plantings are pink pine and celery pine from higher on Mt Cargill and some local silver beech.’
    • ‘Apart from an occasional tree on the outskirts of Wellington city silver beech and celery pine only grow in the mountains.’
    • ‘The genus to which the celery pine belongs only embraces three timber trees, one each in Borneo, Tasmania, and New Zealand.’