Meaning of celestial sphere in English:

celestial sphere


  • An imaginary sphere of which the observer is the centre and on which all celestial objects are considered to lie.

    ‘If one extrapolates the equator of the Earth out into the sky, the celestial equator is delineated as a circle cutting the celestial sphere into two.’
    • ‘Stars located far from the Sun on the celestial sphere were observed to experience a shift in their apparent position, though far more weakly than for stars positioned closer to the Sun.’
    • ‘Throughout this book, Guest weaves in connections to Berlioz, ballet, choreography, the origins of poetry itself and multi-faceted aspects of imagined celestial spheres.’
    • ‘The program provides a screensaver that depicts the celestial sphere with the major constellations outlined.’
    • ‘There are also tables which give transformations between different coordinate systems on the celestial sphere, in particular allowing ecliptic coordinates to be transformed into equatorial coordinates.’
    • ‘From that moment onward, one question lingered within me: Was the planetarium sky an accurate portrayal of the real celestial sphere, or was it a hoax?’
    • ‘The Moon appears to move completely around the celestial sphere once in about 27.3 days as observed from the Earth.’
    • ‘In the fourth century BC, they developed the idea that the stars were fixed on a celestial sphere which rotated about the spherical Earth every 24 hours, and the planets, the Sun and the Moon, moved in the ether between the Earth and the stars.’
    • ‘It all depends on how the astrologer perceives the environment, and therefore on what astronomical planes of measurement are used to divide the celestial sphere into 12 houses.’
    • ‘At best, the Gottorp globe was a crude depiction of the celestial sphere, but it could not adequately represent the planets of our Solar System.’
    • ‘It begins with a description of the division of the celestial sphere into the signs of the zodiac and into degrees.’
    • ‘Ptolemy's model, accepted for around 14 centuries in the entire Mediterranean basin, was first cleansed of fixed celestial spheres where stars were located, which, being obviously immutable, were a symbol of perfection and divinity.’
    • ‘Ancient astronomers found the notion of celestial spheres useful (even essential) to the conduct of their discipline, but now we know that there are no celestial spheres.’
    • ‘Chaucer goes on to describe the part of that book which was most important to Renaissance natural philosophers: the Pythagorean idea of the music, or harmony, of the nine celestial spheres.’
    • ‘The left side of the map offers a medieval worldview, a stationary Earth around which the nine celestial spheres turn and a terrestrial geography indebted to biblical mythology.’
    • ‘It is the language adoration, the music of celestial spheres.’
    • ‘With literally billions of background stars potentially confusing the field of view, it's hard enough to pick a planet out of a restricted part of the sky - much less the entire celestial sphere.’
    • ‘As long as the celestial sphere was generally regarded as the domain of the divine, the fact that mere mortals could not explain its workings could safely be cited as proof of the higher wisdom and power of God.’
    • ‘In effect, this broke the celestial sphere into 36 subdivisions, the rising and setting of whose stars were used as a way of telling time throughout the night.’
    • ‘In a book entitled Analemma he discussed methods of finding the angles need to construct a sundial which involves the projection of points on the celestial sphere.’