Meaning of cell-mediated in English:



  • Denoting the aspect of an immune response involving the action of white blood cells, rather than that of circulating antibodies.

    Often contrasted with humoral

    ‘The immune system mounts a cell-mediated reaction in which macrophages attach to the outer walls of the bacteria for active phagocytosis.’
    • ‘In the present study, we also observed that lymphocytes, the mediators of the cell-mediated immune response, are noted more frequently around Fas-positive but not Fas-negative cells.’
    • ‘Sarcoidosis is considered to be a hypersensitivity disorder, in which an antigen induces a T cell-mediated cellular immune response.’
    • ‘HIV infection primarily affects those components of host immune response responsible for cell-mediated immunity.’
    • ‘Smaller, isolated aggregations of lymphoid cells are also observed in the airway wall and may play a role in antigen uptake and cell-mediated immune responses.’