Meaning of cella in English:


Pronunciation /ˈsɛl(ə)/

nounplural noun cellae/ˈkɛliː/

  • The inner area of an ancient temple, especially one housing the hidden cult image in a Greek or Roman temple.

    ‘Free-standing columns form a portico in the front area, whilst the cella is enveloped in embedded columns.’
    • ‘If we accept Walbank's theory, we may also have to assume that in the Roman period the cult statue of Apollo was moved from the eastern cella to the western in order to accommodate the cult of the Gens Iulia in the former.’
    • ‘Excavations between 1962 and 1971 revealed details of the temple layout which had an inner square cella surrounded by an ambulatory and an outer temenos wall.’
    • ‘The Birth of Pandora adorned the statue's base, and a shallow pool cut into the temple's floor not only reflected the image, but also served to humidify the cella and thus preserve its ivory.’
    • ‘One other thing that made the Parthenon building grand was the large statue of Athena Parthenos which was held in the cella and framed by large columns all around it.’