Meaning of cellmate in English:


Pronunciation /ˈsɛlmeɪt/

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  • A person with whom one shares a cell.

    ‘Then Chaplin plays with our assumptions by assigning the tramp to a cell with an imposing cellmate whom, we learn, is more concerned with needlepoint than bossing the tramp.’
    • ‘His confession, recorded by his cellmate in Whitemoor prison and published in today's News Of The World, will damage his chances of winning his appeal against conviction which is to be heard at the High Court on July 17.’
    • ‘Another cellmate at the Edinburgh prison was a man who had been convicted of assaulting his wife.’
    • ‘That Friday night he ran out of tobacco, threatened to kill himself if he was not given some, assaulted his cellmate and barricaded the cell.’
    • ‘He said goodbye to his cellmates at Leeukop Prison in 1998, believing he was closing a dark chapter in his life for good after he had served 10 years of his 12-year sentence - he was released early because of exemplary behaviour.’
    • ‘They moved him to a different prison and ordered his cellmate to spy on him.’
    • ‘It appears possible that Graham did make certain revelations to his cellmates whilst either under the influence of drugs or whilst being detoxified.’
    • ‘He also had to use the toilet in the presence of another inmate and be present while the toilet was being used by his cellmate.’
    • ‘In prison he had shared a ten-metre room with 90 other cellmates, shed three stones in weight and suffered boils and scabies which covered his body.’
    • ‘In 1806, when Josiah Burnham was executed for murdering two of his cellmates in the Haverhill jail, Bittinger recorded what he called ‘a great occasion.’’
    • ‘The play presents the confrontation between two cellmates in a jail - one a young African American college student, the other a middle-aged white man.’
    • ‘The Prison Ombudsman is carrying out an inquiry into the case and recommendations have already been made, including assessing inmates who pose a risk to cellmates.’
    • ‘The US Supreme Court recognised a prisoner's claim that being housed with a smoking cellmate constituted cruel and unusual punishment, in violation of the 8th amendment to the US constitution.’
    • ‘Inside he tries to avoid trouble while scoring ‘little victories’ over the authorities and dispensing wise words to the other prisoners, especially his young cellmate Godber.’
    • ‘He is once reported to have said: ‘I wouldn't mind going to jail if I had three cellmates who played bridge.’’
    • ‘Four cellmates try to tunnel their way out the prison at La Sante.’
    • ‘The prisoner had been in a different prison before and had a talkative cellmate who told him of committing a crime for which Andy was in prison.’
    • ‘A local businessman claims he was assaulted and robbed by cellmates in the police holding cells here on New Year's day.’
    • ‘Sitting in his cell one day, smoking a joint with his cellmate and childhood friend, Hall finally decided to turn his life around.’
    • ‘As if that weren't sufficient grounding to make a prison film, he based this on a true story, co-wrote it with one of the original prisoners involved, and cast it with non-professionals, including another of the cellmates.’