Meaning of cellular automaton in English:

cellular automaton

nounplural noun cellular automata

  • Each of a set of units in a mathematical model which have simple rules governing their replication and destruction, used to model complex systems composed of simple units such as living things or parallel processors.

    ‘The behavior of leaf pores resembles that of mathematical systems known as cellular automata.’
    • ‘The paper supports the idea that cellular automata, or simple computer simulations, could serve as flexible tools in a range of fields, says Karl Sigmund of the University of Vienna.’
    • ‘Leaving behind the theme of cellular automata, he studies Turing machines and grammar-driven systems where substitution rules allow a string of symbols to grow and change.’
    • ‘You don't get relativity by designing a cellular automaton to model Newtonian collisions.’
    • ‘It is difficult to convey the intricacy and dynamism of even the simplest cellular automaton with a verbal description or even with static diagrams.’