Meaning of cellular phone in English:

cellular phone

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(also cellular telephone)
mainly North American
  • A mobile phone.

    ‘The broadbanders are also more likely to have mobile Net access and cellular phones, says SRI.’
    • ‘Wireless technologies such as pagers and cellular phones can send and receive e-mail today and are gaining momentum with users worldwide.’
    • ‘It combines the benefits of cordless and cellular phones.’
    • ‘With fixed wireless networks, handsets operate by radio waves, like cellular phones, but can only be used in a fixed location.’
    • ‘Digital cellular phones and cordless phones have not been in use for as long as analog phones in Sweden, and this might be of importance for carcinogenesis.’
    • ‘Fleet operators have expressed their interest in using GPS-capable cellular phones to enhance their operations.’
    • ‘But the most widespread consumer use of GPS will be in cellular phones.’
    • ‘Studies have shown that drivers who use cellular phones while operating their cars are more likely to cause an accident than a drunk driver.’
    • ‘Your customers are going to expect to be able to access that information from their cellular phones, or at least via the Web.’
    • ‘Though sailors and fisherman use cellular phones when they can get service, getting a connection can be tough.’
    • ‘Such systems include cellular phones, pagers, and digital cameras with wireless communications.’
    • ‘Around the world, more people have mobile cellular phones than they do fixed phones.’
    • ‘The main health risks of cellular phones are the radio frequencies that they operate on.’
    • ‘The company makes money by charging for calls placed to regular land line or cellular phones through a service called SkypeOut.’
    • ‘Our attempt to quantify the use of cordless and cellular phones produced several methodological problems.’
    • ‘The bandits also stole three cellular phones and two cordless phones, before escaping in a waiting vehicle.’
    • ‘It also supplies chips for cellular phones and networking equipment.’
    • ‘The use of cellular phones and other wireless devices has been rising exponentially.’
    • ‘Indeed for two days Mayor Nagin and his aides were utterly cut off from the outside world by the failure of both their land lines and cellular phones.’
    • ‘In addition, satellite telephones are bigger and costlier to buy than cellular phones, and they must have an unobstructed view of the sky in order to work.’