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Pronunciation /ˈsɛntr(ə)l/

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  • 1At the point or in the area that is in the middle of something.

    ‘the station has a central courtyard’
    • ‘central London’
    • ‘In the middle of its central courtyard rises a large stupa, which once contained large Buddhist images.’
    • ‘The whole lake area is divided into five parts, the northeast, the southeast, the northwest, the southwest and the central area.’
    • ‘Council cabinet members next week are expected to approve a proposal that would see the pilot project extended to cover the Maltby and central Rotherham area.’
    • ‘That whole southeastern area of central Sofia has a load of cool bars and lounges, most concentrated around Rakovski and Levski.’
    • ‘The council's cabinet this week also gave the go-ahead to extensions to existing conservation areas in central Richmond and Kew Road.’
    • ‘The central console and dash area was nice and cheerful looking, mainly down to a good, simple design encased in shiny metal effect.’
    • ‘It said there was also ‘an attractive shopping area around a central court.’’
    • ‘It has changed a little bit since I lived there; there is a lot of stuff going on around the central dock area where I used to work during my placement year.’
    • ‘Two long, shallow water tanks flank the central display booth area.’
    • ‘The central area was surprisingly quiet compared, say, to York's Stonegate, but it soon became clear why.’
    • ‘We have already installed many - more than 1,000 spaces in the central area as well as many more in the suburbs.’
    • ‘As they approached the central area of the building, Mike heard loud squeaking followed by a loud crash.’
    • ‘A firestorm would result: the heat in the central area rises so high that the fire consumes all available oxygen.’
    • ‘Some of them were worried about what was being done to ease the situation in crowded central areas like Chikpet.’
    • ‘Only those willing to have the priest smash a coconut on their heads were allowed into the central area of the temple.’
    • ‘It includes the 1, 200m wall which runs around the whole central area of the estate.’
    • ‘The Church serves members in Livingstone and as far south as Kabwe, in the central area of the country.’
    • ‘Lower Broughton is one of several areas in central Salford which are to be targeted for regeneration in the coming years.’
    • ‘They live mainly in central areas without oil reserves and fear they will end up short changed.’
    • ‘In addition, we need to face up to the fact that just about the only good public transport links in this area are into central London.’
    middle, centre, halfway, midway, mid, median, medial, mean, middling, intermediate, intermedial
    inner, innermost, middle, mid, interior, nuclear
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    1. 1.1Accessible from a variety of places.
      ‘coaches met at a central location’
      • ‘The new capital required a secure and central location, easily accessible from all parts of the state.’
      • ‘Other advantages of our facility here are the central and easily accessible location, plus plenty of free parking.’
      • ‘Changes in user access requirements can be entered from the central location for all building occupants.’
      • ‘But PCT chief executive Lynnette Throp said the services were needed and had to be central and accessible.’
      • ‘It would provide a more central, more accessible visitors' centre than the one in the De Grey Rooms it would replace.’
      • ‘One area that is often overlooked in the health center is a central storage location for archival of health charts.’
      • ‘Votes are counted incrementally on the spot and reported to a central location.’
      • ‘The British chose the King David for its central location and because it was easy to guard.’
      • ‘Then they would all assemble at a central location in London to receive their payments.’
      • ‘I don't know why they didn't have it on a weekend, or at least in a more central location.’
      • ‘Residents can access government documents in one central location by simply using the Document Management Tool.’
      • ‘Because of its central location Portlaoise will provide ease of access for bands throughout the country.’
      • ‘It is in a central location with proper not makeshift access for disabled patients.’
      • ‘Now the keys to the gates and other access points are kept at a central location at Drumanakelly and can only be accessed from authorised personnel on site.’
      • ‘This ensures attendance information gathered will be recorded in, and accessible from, a central application.’
      • ‘A central location could be established for posting a daily schedule.’
      • ‘All documents are available to all members from the central location.’
      • ‘With a central service area in the middle of the forest complex of stages, the road miles are being kept to the absolute minimum.’
    2. 1.2Phonetics (of a vowel) articulated in the centre of the mouth.
      ‘In view of the time required to move to more peripheral vowel positions, tense vowels tend to be peripheral and lax vowels closer to schwa, the neutral or central vowel.’
      • ‘The near-open central vowel is a type of vowel sound, used in some spoken languages.’
      • ‘Some linguists claim that it is a back vowel, others argue that it is a central vowel.’
  • 2Of the greatest importance; principal or essential.

    ‘his preoccupation with history is central to his work’
    • ‘But the principle is central to Brown's personal election campaign.’
    • ‘He used this genuine mandate to end American's war in Korea; the issue had been central to his campaign.’
    • ‘This arrangement is based on Steiner's Fundamental Social Principle and has been central to the Camphill ethos.’
    • ‘On both counts, principles which should be central to any liberal democracy have become dangerously eroded.’
    • ‘She said tidy town committees played a vital role which was central to community life.’
    • ‘The tidy towns committees play a vital role that is central to community life and your continued efforts develop and improve our localities.’
    • ‘Three overlying principles are central to the commission's findings.’
    • ‘Those principles are now central to determining what is due process.’
    • ‘The mobility of these groups was an essential economic strategy, central to the very nature of their profession.’
    • ‘A coordinated and targeted media campaign was central to this effort.’
    • ‘Endorsement should also be central to the campaign.’
    • ‘These promises were central to a campaign to win a UN Security Council seat.’
    • ‘It is important that evidence is heard when it is central to determining the issues in the case.’
    • ‘Working with people you know, engage and connect with, have a relationship with is very important, are really central to the whole idea.’
    • ‘The concept of independence is central to the role of an attorney.’
    • ‘This parochial approach is not assisted by an academia that finds these issues, no matter how central to the issue of strategy, a bit of a yawn.’
    • ‘The leadership issues have been central to the company's shortcomings.’
    • ‘How can the presidential candidates not address this issue so central to our future?’
    • ‘All the issues likely to be central to the presidential race were discussed at length.’
    • ‘David had a wide knowledge of the town and surrounding area and was a central player in the commercial and community life of Headford.’
    main, chief, principal, primary, leading, foremost, first, most important, predominant, dominant, prominent, most prominent, key, crucial, vital, essential, basic, fundamental, core, staple, critical, pivotal, salient, prime, focal, premier, paramount, major, ruling, master, supreme, overriding, cardinal, capital, pre-eminent, ultimate, uppermost, highest, utmost, top, topmost, arch-
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    1. 2.1attributive Having or denoting supreme power over a country or organization.
      ‘central government’
      • ‘At this stage he took some interest in party organization and established central office in 1870.’
      • ‘The landscape has been acknowledged by central government organisations and committees as being of national significance.’
      • ‘His letters and articles prodded the Bolshevik central committee to seize power in November.’
      • ‘Transfers, to be strictly controlled by an agent-free central European transfer office, will return.’
      • ‘That is, when you have a central organization, you tell people what to do and it's supposed to be all explicit.’
      • ‘The fee could then be administered by a central student organization.’
      • ‘It fears that the current proposals for the establishment of a central services organisation hand too much power to its commercial rivals.’
      • ‘The unstated message at the central committee was that Jiang has lost power but he will not be harmed politically.’
      • ‘This current is powered by batteries in the telephone company's central office.’
      • ‘The needs of the two central organizations drew increasing energy and some resentment from the churches.’
      • ‘The strike has the backing of the National Labor Front, Nicaragua's central labor organization.’
      • ‘The central office greatly increased the districts' control and flexibility over resources.’
      • ‘The party is also divided top-down from the central committee to the local party offices.’
      • ‘Units from the People's Liberation Army and the central office of the armed police have organized a rescue effort.’
      • ‘The Bells have the advantage because they own the controlling central offices.’
      • ‘A formal announcement would be made today after Hu was elected in Jiang's place by the 198 members of the central committee, the Post said.’
      • ‘When I taught in Wake County Public Schools there was hardly anything that came from central office that was of a help to us.’
      • ‘The central committee will then provide direction.’
      • ‘I would like to see the SRC proposal extended so a central committee could look at all such requests on a case-by-case basis.’
      • ‘Unlike many parts of Scotland, Stirling is not categorised as an area requiring assistance from central government.’


informal North American
  • A place with a high concentration of a specified type of person or thing.

    • ‘you're in workaholic central here’
    • ‘She turns up in a town called Dogville, which is not the comedy central of the USA.’
    • ‘One construction worker broke his leg, my uncle was injured by one of his tools - it was poltergeist central.’
    • ‘I got up to my room and set up my bed as dance preparation central.’
    • ‘However, if your house is party central, Fuzion Frenzy has some potential.’
    • ‘Our first stop was in Shibuya, the bustling heart of Tokyo - consumerism central.’


Mid 17th century from French, or from Latin centralis, from centrum (see centre).