Meaning of central processing unit in English:

central processing unit


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(also central processor)
  • The part of a computer in which operations are controlled and executed.

    ‘Essential electronic components such as chips that control the central processing unit and memory in computers are attached to the PCB using a lead-tin solder.’
    • ‘While semiconductor materials such as silicon are utilized for memory and central processing units, the permanent information in computers is stored in magnetized hard drives which utilize the spin of the electron.’
    • ‘‘The temperature must have interfered with some of the central processors, the operating system isn't responding,’ Amy explained.’
    • ‘The purchaser of such a platform only has to equip it with a central processor, memory, hard drive and additional input/output devices depending on his/her own needs.’
    • ‘Due to strong market demand, ever growing hard drive capacity and not to mention temperatures, Orbitron then expanded their range of coolers to systems, central processing units, monitors and notebooks.’