Meaning of centring in English:



mass noun
  • 1The action or process of placing something in the middle of something else.

    • ‘I love the intensity of a whirlpool's centring of things.’
    • ‘The horizontal centering is not a problem.’
    • ‘Once this is done, with appropriate hacks for Internet Explorer (which does not implement minimum and maximum heights), vertical centering is achieved.’
    focusing, centring, centralization, direction
  • 2Architecture
    Framing used to support an arch or dome while it is under construction.

    • ‘The centring is normally made of wood which was a relatively straightforward structure in a simple arch or vault but with more complex shapes clay or sand bound by a weak lime mortar mix could be used.’
    • ‘The shaping of this sort of centring would probably be done by eye, perhaps with the help of a template and the stone or brick structure laid against it.’
    • ‘Brunelleschi won the contest in 1420 with a proposal to erect the dome without wooden centering.’