Meaning of century plant in English:

century plant


  • A large stemless agave with long spiny leaves, which produces a very tall flowering stem after many years of growth and then dies.

    Also called American aloe

    Agave americana, family Agavaceae

    ‘Its larger counterpart, the agave or century plant, like a tank-trap, can still be seen used as a washing line, with the clothes hung on the huge spikes.’
    • ‘The botanical gardens currently has a century plant which is about to flower.’
    • ‘Someone else knew where there was a century plant by the side of the road.’
    • ‘The landscape is totally different from that of the area surrounding the resorts, with a wide variety of spectacular plant life, including the saguaro cacti and century plants.’
    • ‘There the bats change their diet and feed on the nectar and pollen of ‘century plants,’ primarily the species known as the Palmer agave.’