Meaning of cereology in English:


Pronunciation /ˌsɪərɪˈɒlədʒɪ/


mass noun
  • The study or investigation of crop circles.

    ‘The phenomenon has spawned its own science: cereology.’
    • ‘The eccentric Rockefeller - Laurence, that is - has financed further investigations, and now Mel Gibson has done his bit to revitalize cereology, suggesting aliens as the source of the phenomenon.’
    • ‘During the dark days from late 1992 to early 1994, when hoaxers and skeptics seemed almost-successful in proving that cereology was but a wild-goose chase for fools, Roland kept the Symposium going.’
    • ‘An entire field of study, cereology, sprouted up around this phenomenon, and a number of explanations were put forward.’
    • ‘The Grand Old Man of British cereology - Pat Delgado - has become tired of the phenomenon, as have many others.’
    • ‘But there is a growing scientific discipline based around the study, known as cereology.’
    • ‘China was among the last major nations to resist a phenomenon so intriguing it has spawned its own science - cereology - and survived the pranks of confessed circle-makers.’
    • ‘One that has grown from the super market tabloids to a science, cereology.’
    • ‘You'll find parapsychology, cryptozoology, cereology, UFOlogy, and a bunch of other stuff too weird and borderline to have an ‘ology’ yet.’
    • ‘At least, such (more or less) is the array of experts who have collaborated to found the Centre for Crop Circles Studies and co-author The Crop Circle Enigma, the parents of cereology.’
    • ‘Working in the nascent research field known as cereology, a few scientists have spent many hours devising explanations that the circles come from late night tornados or shifting magnetic fields that ‘electrocute’ the crops.’
    • ‘Whether you are prefer devoting your time to UFO research and investigation, cryptozoology, demonology, cereology, are a practicing Wiccan or interested in feng shui and anything in between we hope to build the best available resource for your interests.’


1990s from Ceres+ -logy.