Meaning of Chaldean in English:


Pronunciation /kalˈdiːən/


  • 1A member of an ancient people who lived in Chaldea c.800 BC and ruled Babylonia 625–539 BC. They were renowned as astronomers and astrologers.

    ‘These groups included the Babylonians, Assyrians, Chaldeans, Persians, Greeks, and Romans.’
    • ‘The ancient Chaldeans and Assyrians engaged in astrological divination some 3,000 years ago.’
    • ‘Elsewhere in the text, Solomon is even more precise concerning the Chaldeans / Babylonians and their rebellion against God at Babel and Shinar.’
    • ‘The Chaldeans were known as the New Babylonians.’
    • ‘They managed to build from Assyrians, Chaldeans and Sumerians to the Islamic civilization 1,400 years ago.’
    • ‘Then came in the magicians, the astrologers, the Chaldeans, and the soothsayers: and I told the dream before them; but they did not make known unto me the interpretation thereof.’
    • ‘God's church, the southern kingdom of Judah, is being threatened by the Chaldeans (Babylonians).’
    • ‘The second group of people was that of the Chaldeans, Babylonians, Syrians, Assyrians, Nabateans, and others who inhabited modern Syria and Iraq, the land of the two rivers - the Tigris and Euphrates.’
    • ‘Searching for an appropriate name to call this new Catholic rite, the Pope focused on their historic homeland, which in ancient times had been the land of the Babylonians, Assyrians, and Chaldeans.’
    • ‘Chinese Astrology also dates back thousands of years, long before the Indians, Greeks, Chaldeans and Mesopotamians started charting the heavens.’
    • ‘Forget larger historical, religious, and cultural influences at play in the decline and fall of the Hebrews, Assyrians, Chaldeans, Greeks, and Romans.’
    • ‘Lots of nations lived in that part of the world, starting with the Sumerians and then the Babylonians and Assyrians and the new Babylonians who are called in books of history the Chaldeans.’
    • ‘Moreover, Abraham came from Ur of the Chaldeans, which was the city of astrologers - he was considered to be a master astrologer according to Jewish tradition, which led him to question which of the stars was the supreme one.’
    • ‘He was a wealthy man living in Ur of the Chaldeans.’
    • ‘Geminus gave an historical account of earlier astronomical theories including those of Callippus and the Chaldeans.’
    • ‘In those times, the tribes followed their flocks southward in the winter, and Terah, along with his sons, Nahor and Haran, as did others, grazed their herds in the plains of the Chaldeans in the land of Sumer.’
    • ‘In his Tetrabiblos, Ptolemy speaks of two systems of terms in common use: the Egyptian and the Chaldean.’
    • ‘Like Nebuchadnezzar, he has his soothsayers, and Chaldeans, and magicians to interpret his dreams.’
    • ‘This was because the Chaldeans had calculated by observation and inference that a complete year numbered 360 days.’
    • ‘Ezekiel heard the word of God in the land of the Chaldeans.’
  • 2mass noun The Semitic language of the ancient Chaldeans.

    ‘It is understood that as a boy he had also taught himself, or tried to learn, Hebrew, Arabic, Syriac, Chaldean and Chinese.’
    • ‘Take the case of Silvestre de Sacy who knew Hebrew, Syriac, Chaldean, Arabic, Persian and Turkish and was to hold significant teaching and administrative positions within the French education system.’
    • ‘As a boy, he also taught himself to read Hebrew, Arabic, Syriac, Chaldean and Chinese, and he would later add Coptic, Ethiopic, Sanskrit, Zend, Pahlevi and Persian.’
    • ‘The Middle East churches retain distinct liturgies, which are recited in ancient Coptic, Aramaic, Syriac, or Chaldean depending upon the particular sect.’
    1. 2.1A language related to Aramaic and spoken in parts of Iraq.
      ‘Early immigrants maintain their ancestral Chaldean / Aramaic language, but more recent immigrants speak Arabic.’
      • ‘They were permitted to retain their historic rituals and the Chaldean/Aramaic language for mass and other ceremonies.’
      • ‘In fact, few immigrants know Chaldean at all.’
      • ‘The hymns, the readings, are in modern Chaldean, but the language of the Chaldean liturgy is ancient Aramaic.’
  • 3A member of a Syrian Uniate (formerly Nestorian) Church based mainly in Iran and Iraq.

    ‘About 80% of Iraqi Christians are Chaldeans or Uniate Catholics.’
    • ‘Other churches, the Chaldean and the Church of the East, pushed for the vernacular.’
    • ‘In 1551 some Nestorians joined the Roman Catholic Church and became Chaldeans.’
    • ‘Chaldean Christianity is an Eastern rite: Chaldeans belong to the Church of the East, to the strand which is unified with Rome and recognizes the Pope as head of the Church.’
    • ‘As full members of the Roman Catholic Church, Chaldeans follow the same rules and hold the same beliefs as other Catholics.’
    • ‘This was the beginning of years of repression, particularly under the Ba'athist regime, which refused to recognise such an identity (they were either Nestorians, Chaldeans or Suryan as far as the regime was concerned).’
    • ‘The attackers see the Chaldeans, as Christians, as emblems of Western domination of Iraq and inroads of Christian ways (thus the assassination of Chaldean liquor store owners).’
    • ‘These Catholic ‘Uniate’ Iraqis became known as Chaldeans, and had their own patriarch.’
    • ‘All the Iraqi people its rich mix of Sunni and Shiite Arabs, Kurds, Turkomen, Assyrians, Chaldeans, and all others should enjoy freedom, prosperity, and equality in a united country.’
    • ‘Most expatriates are Shiites, Kurds and Chaldeans.’
    • ‘Whether Kurdish, Chaldeans, Assyrians, Shias or Sunnis, many lingered at the polling stations for hours, clapping for friends and strangers and searching for familiar names on the daunting list of 7,700 Iraqi legislative candidates.’
    • ‘Like the Orthodox Church, they are divided into families; the five major families are the Alexandrian, Antiochene, Armenian, Chaldean, and Byzantine.’


  • 1Relating to ancient Chaldea or its people or language.

    ‘Iraqi crowds are pictured outside an ancient Chaldean monastery in the Baghdad suburb of Al Doura on Sunday.’
    • ‘It was during the reign of Nebuchadnezzar in the Chaldean dynasty in Babylon that the circle was divided into 360 degrees.’
    • ‘We have some hints of the brocaded vesture of the priests both from Ezra and Exodus 28, which contains dreams of how it must have been before the Chaldean onslaught brought the Temple down.’
    • ‘Power, menace, and corrupt sensuality are joined by a fourth tradition: an acknowledgement of Chaldean learning and cultural achievement.’
    • ‘Daily, Abraham adored the gods of Ur, he sacrificed to Inanna, the goddess of Life, yet because of his part in shedding the blood of the Chaldean prince, she ignored his pleas for a son.’
    • ‘If you posted that Chaldean magick was dead and gone, you wouldn't get laughed out of the forum, you'd get a bunch of people trying to prove you wrong.’
    • ‘The attitude of commanding spirits by the use of divine names, seals, etc., can be seen in both Theurgy and the Chaldean oracles.’
    • ‘I would like to bring to the attention of the US State Department that there are 50,000 Chaldean refugees all over the world, stranded.’
    • ‘In the Chaldean system of numerology, the number eight is one of great power for good and evil, and so it was in this epic battle to prove valid for both fighters.’
    • ‘The gifts of coconuts and oil to village deities, the Chaldean cross which festooned the countryside, all these were maintained.’
    • ‘This Chaldean order forms the basis of many planetary schemes as you will find as you work through the course.’
    • ‘That was the end of the Chaldean rule over the kingdom.’
    • ‘This numerology program supports both Chaldean and Pythagorean Numerology.’
    • ‘It is indeed inconclusive, as Strong's takes this to be a word of Chaldean origin.’
    • ‘Yet if a Chaldean statue were broken into four pieces there would be no such loss of value.’
  • 2Relating to the East Syrian Uniate Church.

    ‘‘Yesterday and today I prayed for peace,’ said Father Boutros Hadad at the Chaldean Virgin Mary Church in Baghdad.’
    • ‘Police reported a fourth explosion in Baghdad, outside a Chaldean Catholic church in the east of the city.’
    • ‘There were no injuries, but extensive damage was done to an Armenian and an old Chaldean church.’
    • ‘This often requires parents to support two parishes, their own Chaldean church and the parish in which their children attend school.’
    • ‘A car raced into the parking lot of the Chaldean church in the southern Baghdad neighbourhood of Doura and exploded as people were leaving a service.’
    • ‘There are an estimated 700,000 Chaldean Christians and adherents, and more than a million Assyrian Christians and adherents, in Iraq.’
    • ‘They're referred to as Chaldean Christians, and they speak Aramaic.’
    • ‘They called themselves the Church of the East, and are also known as Chaldean Christians.’
    • ‘In Melbourne the Chaldean community meets at their church: Our Lady, Guardian of the Plants.’
    • ‘At the same time, some congregations have also gained families who moved into their community from less secure areas or from ancient church backgrounds, such as Assyrian or Chaldean Orthodox.’
    • ‘The other churches hit belonged to the Chaldean rite, which follows the Pope.’
    • ‘Rafha was home to a diverse population that included Sunni and Shiite Muslims as well as Chaldean Christians.’
    • ‘Tariq ‘Aziz a Chaldean Christian, was the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Iraq for many years.’
    • ‘‘May God the almighty grant peace to the people of Iraq and of the whole world,’ Mr Aziz, a Chaldean Catholic, wrote in the visitor's book.’
    • ‘They are Chaldean Catholics, a persecuted minority in Iraq.’
    • ‘This is a closed slate of about 30 Iraqis from the Christian Assyrian, Chaldean and Armenian minorities.’