Meaning of change of scenery in English:

change of scenery


  • A move to different surroundings.

    ‘we spent the weekend in Seattle just for a change of scenery’
    • ‘To mark the occasion, I had a change of scenery.’
    • ‘More than anything, he might benefit from a change of scenery.’
    • ‘Let us just say, there are plenty of individuals who simply decided they wanted a change of scenery for personal reasons.’
    • ‘There are others who could use a change of scenery, too.’
    • ‘Besides, I need a change of scenery for a week.’
    • ‘The Rays hope the change of scenery will help.’
    • ‘I'd tried a change of scenery, moving to Manchester in early October.’
    • ‘Needless to say, the change of scenery from the hospital was also welcome.’
    • ‘A change of scenery might be just what he needs.’
    • ‘It might also be time for a change of scenery.’