Meaning of chapatti in English:


Pronunciation /tʃəˈpɑːti/

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nounplural noun chapattis

(also chapati)
  • (in Indian cooking) a thin pancake of unleavened wholemeal bread cooked on a griddle.

    ‘Tea and wheat products such as chapattis or pitta bread adversely affect iron absorption’
    • ‘I make the chapattis whenever I come home at lunchtime.’
    • ‘We also had Indian food including mangoes, chapattis and poppadoms.’
    • ‘These get ground up to make porridge in most of Africa, or in India the grain is used for making chapattis and rotis, those delicious flat breads.’
    • ‘They lived only on chapattis, a flat unleavened bread, for 15 years.’
    • ‘As they quickly let you know, they eat bread, not chapattis; drink in tavernas, not tea shops; many of them were Roman Catholic, not Hindu; and their musicians played guitars and sang fados.’
    • ‘They cooked biscuits and crepes and chapattis.’
    • ‘Here you can order paneer tikka and a chana masala, along with dal and chapattis, chased by a rose lassi, and end up ashamed at paying less than £2 for the entire meal.’
    • ‘If the sauce is poured over the kebabs, it can be served as the main dish along with naan, roti or chapatti.’
    • ‘Another pal is also making a huge pan of curry and chapattis.’
    • ‘Sources such as bread, potatoes, pasta, rice and chapatti should provide half the energy in a child's diet.’
    • ‘He leans on her as they walk out of the park, heading home to a sparsely furnished but comfortable home with hot chapattis and aloo subzi for dinner.’
    • ‘Again, for the convenience, people pick up packs of ready-made chapattis, which include oil and salt and have many more calories than the chapattis made at home where the oil can be avoided.’
    • ‘Salma, a mere five year old, climbs on a stool to prepare chapattis for the family that took her in after she lost her parents.’
    • ‘Volunteers were serving chapattis, vegetables and sweetened rice to villagers.’
    • ‘The children each had a turn at making a chapatti - which is not as easy as it looks, and then Dhal.’
    • ‘Steamed rice, raita, rice puddings, naan, chapatti and Tandoori chicken delighted me.’
    • ‘Many of the prices are most reasonable - chapatti for example starts at 10 baht - and many of the curries come with lots of tangy sauce which is a rare treat in the city's Indian cafes.’


From Hindi capātī, from capānā ‘flatten, roll out’.