Meaning of chargeback in English:


Pronunciation /ˈtʃɑːdʒbak/


  • 1A demand by a credit-card provider for a retailer to make good the loss on a fraudulent or disputed transaction.

    ‘The developers also work with banks to create repeatable custom reports that can focus on any aspect of authorizing a card or transaction, including chargebacks for disputed amounts and fraud.’
    • ‘Filing a chargeback or dispute with your bank will result in legal action against you.’
    • ‘If you are away at the time it is sent, you lose the right to dispute the chargeback.’
    • ‘The bank contract will provide for chargebacks of amounts wrongly paid by the issuing to the retailer bank.’
    • ‘If it was not, you can ask the bank to chargeback the transaction as an unauthorised deduction.’
    • ‘As a retailer we've never been a company that has used a lot of chargebacks, for example.’
    • ‘In May, the company also introduced a web service which helps banks deal with disputed payments, known as chargebacks.’
    • ‘They say this is to protect them against fraud, chargebacks, and it also helps them with increasing their profit (by holding the money in bank for an interest).’
    • ‘The research firm said that suspect transactions should be weeded out for manual review and money for chargebacks should be collected from card issuers.’
    • ‘The CEO believes the remaining chargebacks come not from scammers but from ‘frustrated’ customers.’
    • ‘The system also reports the number of chargebacks received from the card in use and from the customer's IP address.’
    1. 1.1(in business use) an act or policy of allocating the cost of an organization's centrally located resources to the individuals or departments which use them.
      ‘He was the suspect, as a much higher number of the credit card chargebacks appeared to relate to slips filled in by him, as compared with slips filled in by others.’
      • ‘Or a company's internal chargebacks could actually make it less expensive - at least on paper - to install new cabling dedicated to the integrated system than to use the existing company network.’
      • ‘The evolution of sophisticated chargeback programs has been a boon to facility and real estate executives.’
      • ‘It has tools for displaying all the systems in a network, metering and chargeback, storage provisioning, performance management and linking storage boxes to servers.’