Meaning of chayote in English:


Pronunciation /ˈtʃeɪəʊti/


  • 1A succulent green pear-shaped tropical fruit that resembles cucumber in flavour.

    ‘To make it onto Northern market shelves, chayote must be light green, smooth to the touch, about 15 cm long and 450 grams in weight, and without blemishes.’
    • ‘An entire Cornish hen baked in a red curry and served in a basket, it was served with a side of sautéed chayote (a green squash) and a small dish of kecap lombok, which may be one of my favourite things in the world.’
    • ‘The notoriously prolific zucchini is perhaps the best-known summer squash, but the group also includes chayote, yellow crookneck and straightneck squash, as well as pattypans.’
    • ‘The following two sections will discuss the issues and conflicts that arose in my fieldwork, first in the case of snow peas in Kenya and second in the case of chayote in Costa Rica.’
    • ‘The chilled potato and egg casserole, black bean and chorizo salad and pleasantly sharp chayote were all very good.’
  • 2The tropical American vine that yields the chayote, also producing an edible tuberous root.

    Sechium edule, family Cucurbitaceae

    • ‘Prices for chayote rise and fall often and without advance notice.’


Late 19th century from Spanish, from Nahuatl chayotli.