Meaning of check mark in English:

check mark

Pronunciation /ˈtʃɛkmɑːk/


North American
  • A mark (✓) used to indicate that an item in a list or text is correct or has been chosen, checked, or dealt with; a tick.

    ‘The nominating committee had these criteria in their position specification, and for Mark, put check marks next to them.’
    • ‘This is followed by two or three check marks next to the child's name with consequences listed for each check mark.’
    • ‘One more check mark on the ‘failed’ side of the ledger.’
    • ‘Conner noted the big, red check mark beside what appeared to be yesterday's date, and frowned.’
    • ‘Then he saw the distinct red check mark next to the orange box.’
    • ‘Place another check mark next to those skills and attributes that you feel are real strong suits for you.’
    • ‘Another check mark for the nurture over nature theorists.’
    • ‘And we came in here and we all sat down and she told us we had a check mark.’
    • ‘He put check marks by the ones that he thought he'd be interested in.’
    • ‘When we go through and ask lenders what they are looking for, we can go through and put check marks against all those for fitness club borrowers.’
    • ‘Talent is not the top criterion: Beauty and commercial appeal are the necessary resume check marks.’
    • ‘And you can go, look at it, and make little check marks next to anybody's name.’
    • ‘Go right down the list and put a check mark next to everything.’
    • ‘The participants were instructed to place a check mark next to the items that most closely described their parents (they could choose as many or as few as they deemed appropriate).’
    • ‘I didn't need to do anything more than make a check mark or circle a sentence because when I read it again I remembered what it was that bothered me.’
    • ‘Hang this page on your refrigerator or the inside of a kitchen cupboard and put a check mark next to the things that you're doing.’
    • ‘Titles with that field checked have a green check mark in that position.’
    • ‘Teachers were instructed to put a check mark next to the book titles they recognized.’
    • ‘This brought up a screen that lists all software available, with check marks next to the defaults.’