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check out

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phrasal verb

  • 1Settle one's hotel bill before leaving.

    ‘don't forget to hand in your room key when you check out’
    • ‘They said they would be checking out of the hotel that day.’
    • ‘We woke up early in the morning and checked out of the hotel.’
    • ‘The veteran rocker had checked out of the hotel after the Manhattan show, but left behind a piece of luggage, police said.’
    • ‘They'd both had their fun, and had just finished checking out of the hotel and loading their stuff in the back of Spencer's car.’
    • ‘He would tell me when it was time to go home, and then as we were checking out of the hotel or going to the airport, our roles were reversed back again.’
    • ‘She left the man on the floor and smartly left the hotel without checking out.’
    • ‘We checked out of the hotel, and went to the airport.’
    • ‘The next day we woke up around 12 and checked out of our hotel.’
    • ‘I checked out of the hotel and made my way back out to my car.’
    • ‘I got out of my car, packed my trunk, and checked out of the hotel.’
    leave, vacate, depart from, exit from, take one's leave from
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    1. 1.1North American informal Die.
      • ‘I landed in the hospital with dysentery and I almost checked out’
      • ‘That first weekend I almost checked out - the nurses didn't know if I was going to make it or not.’
      • ‘‘Julie’, she said, ‘this is it, I'm checking out.’’
  • 2check someone or something out, check out someone or somethingEstablish the truth or inform oneself about someone or something.

    ‘they decided to go and check out a local restaurant’
    • ‘These explanations will be checked out to establish whether or not they are genuine.’
    • ‘I've checked it out with some local journalists.’
    • ‘I checked it out and did some research before deciding to buy one for my business in Limerick.’
    • ‘If I was a young musician, I would check other things out, investigate.’
    • ‘The investigator definitely should check it out.’
    • ‘So anyway, my local police are checking the whole thing out.’
    • ‘Before I put my paintings on view I tentatively checked them out with the local councillor and the village shop to see that they had no worries.’
    • ‘But after a local friend checked it out for me, I concluded it was a fraud and stayed home.’
    • ‘Do yourself a favour and check 'em out next time they play.’
    • ‘Run, don't walk to your favourite store and check this one out!’
    investigate, look into, inquire into, probe, research, sound out, examine, go over, go through, vet
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    1. 2.1check someone or something out, check out someone or somethingLook at or take notice of someone or something.
      ‘do check out his website’
      • ‘you can check out the video on YouTube’
      • ‘I've been checking out your courses which I'm really interested in.’
      • ‘They kept on checking out different places searching for something.’
      • ‘I check out this morning's Hindustan Times which is a good reflection the Delhi / UP / Punjab mindset.’
      • ‘I implore those of you who do not already watch the shows, check them out.’
      • ‘There are a few good surf books which have sections on lifting weights that you may want to check out.’
      • ‘I decided I had nothing to lose by checking it out.’
      • ‘For a list of useful links and resuorces, check out the Further Information - Relationships section.’
      • ‘Check out what he had to say for himself.’
      • ‘That is the web address if you want to check it out yourself.’
      • ‘This ain't your typical rock show and the price is pretty sweet, so check it out.’
      look at, observe, survey, gaze at, regard, inspect, contemplate
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    2. 2.2check someone out, check out someoneLook at someone out of sexual interest.
      • ‘look at the dude in the background—he is totally checking her out’
  • 3Prove to be true or correct.

    ‘his claims simply did not check out’
    • ‘When his other claims did not check out, it began to look like his photographs were the product of a hoax.’
    • ‘Critics, however, began investigating his data and found that a number of his claims did not check out.’
  • 4check something out, check out somethingmainly North American Enter the price of goods in a supermarket into a cash machine.

    • ‘cashiers are told they must smile as they check out each item and present the bill’
    1. 4.1Register something as having been borrowed.
      ‘I checked the books out and took them home’
      • ‘Maybe they don't have much disposable income, and if they didn't download songs they'd borrow CDs from their friends or check them out of the library.’
      • ‘I borrowed the book, so can't check it out again just now.’
      • ‘A parent library is available, and books and movies can be checked out.’
      • ‘Think of it as the federal government mandating how, where, when, and for how long you can own or read a book at the time you purchase it or check it out of your local library.’
      • ‘Another way I found to get free music to listen to is to simply check out the CD at the library.’
      • ‘Eight-year-old Lewis checks out a book as part of his detective work.’