Meaning of check out in English:

check out

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phrasal verb

  • 1Settle one's hotel bill before leaving.

    ‘don't forget to hand in your room key when you check out’
    • ‘They said they would be checking out of the hotel that day.’
    • ‘We woke up early in the morning and checked out of the hotel.’
    • ‘The veteran rocker had checked out of the hotel after the Manhattan show, but left behind a piece of luggage, police said.’
    • ‘They'd both had their fun, and had just finished checking out of the hotel and loading their stuff in the back of Spencer's car.’
    • ‘He would tell me when it was time to go home, and then as we were checking out of the hotel or going to the airport, our roles were reversed back again.’
    • ‘She left the man on the floor and smartly left the hotel without checking out.’
    • ‘We checked out of the hotel, and went to the airport.’
    • ‘The next day we woke up around 12 and checked out of our hotel.’
    • ‘I checked out of the hotel and made my way back out to my car.’
    • ‘I got out of my car, packed my trunk, and checked out of the hotel.’
    leave, vacate, depart from, exit from, take one's leave from
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    1. 1.1North American informal Die.
      • ‘That first weekend I almost checked out - the nurses didn't know if I was going to make it or not.’
      • ‘‘Julie’, she said, ‘this is it, I'm checking out.’’
  • 2Prove to be true or correct.

    ‘his claims simply did not check out’
    • ‘When his other claims did not check out, it began to look like his photographs were the product of a hoax.’
    • ‘Critics, however, began investigating his data and found that a number of his claims did not check out.’