Meaning of Cheddar in English:


Pronunciation /ˈtʃɛdə/

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mass noun
  • A kind of firm smooth yellow cheese, originally made in Cheddar in south-western England.

    ‘So back in the day in England, Cheddar Cheese (that is to say, cheese from Cheddar, England) was found to be quite tasty indeed - better than most other English cheeses.’
    • ‘Out went takeaways and big lunches and in came healthy alternatives like tuna without mayo and cottage cheese instead of Cheddar.’
    • ‘My meal began with a pickled quail egg touched with mashed black truffles, and a little pot of mashed Cheddar cheese and pimentos, served with toast points arranged on a silver rack.’
    • ‘According to their plans, the factory will produce Cheddar cheese, whey products and other ingredients.’
    • ‘To extend the metaphor a bit, if one has only eaten industry Cheddar cheese, one doesn't really know what true cheddar is all about.’
    • ‘So far Stilton and Cheddar are doing good, but they would love to have us eat more Sage Derby, Leicester and Double Gloucester cheese too!’
    • ‘Many commodity markets, including butter, skim milk powder and Gouda and Cheddar cheeses could be easily entered by suppliers from Argentina or eastern Europe.’
    • ‘The unidentifiable objects mouldering in the fridge were successively replaced by jars of pickled onions, Cheddar cheese and Stilton.’
    • ‘Stilton or a very mature Cheddar have enough of a tang to be interesting, Caerphilly or Wensleydale slightly less so.’
    • ‘It is found in hard cheeses such as Cheddar, American, and Swiss, and it is a common additive in many non-dairy products.’
    • ‘A soft cheese or cottage cheese won't last as long as a hard cheese such as Cheddar.’
    • ‘You usually can't go far wrong with Cheddar or Red Leicester.’
    • ‘This green salad calls for cottage cheese as well as Cheddar cheese which adds a unique touch.’
    • ‘What if we only had Cheddar cheese instead of a ripe Stilton, a rich creamy Lancashire or a tangy Blue Vinny?’
    • ‘I love to throw feta on top of my spinach salads and eat real Cheddar on a sandwich.’
    • ‘It is packed with iron, and is excellent when eaten with Cheshire or Cheddar cheese and a steaming hot mug of tea.’
    • ‘They had just the slightest Cheddar flavor and melted in the mouth.’
    • ‘Cover the potatoes with another handful of grated Cheddar, criss-cross the top with thin strips of anchovy, and put it in the oven for half an hour.’