Significado de cheesemonger en en inglés


Pronunciación /ˈtʃiːzmʌŋɡə/


  • A person who sells cheese, butter, and other dairy products.

    ‘It was formerly sold by cheesemongers, rather than butchers, and the association is still maintained in some shops.’
    • ‘From specialist cheesemongers to butchers, bakers, and fishmongers - we want to know about the smaller food retailers that provide the best produce.’
    • ‘The other gem of a cheesemonger is the Fine Cheese Company in Walcott Street which offers platters of Sharpham, Appleby's Cheshire, Montgomery's Cheddar, a fine chalky goat and a basket of well-made bread.’
    • ‘It also came out as the top cheesemonger, described by a judge as a ‘treasure trove’ of local cheese, each proudly bearing a small hand-written note explaining its precise history and origin.’
    • ‘To taste its true flavour, buy it from a specialist cheesemonger.’
    • ‘We went for an early evening pint with a journalist and a cheesemonger.’
    • ‘Last night I hung out with a cheesemonger and today I have so far managed to consume 8 different cheeses.’
    • ‘Creamy St Marcellin from a proper cheesemonger is the stuff to ooze over a slice of crisply toasted sourdough.’
    • ‘Place an order with your local cheesemonger or somewhere that does mail order.’
    • ‘But when nostalgia overtook her, she found a California cheesemonger with the good stuff.’
    • ‘With the help of a wide selection from cheesemonger Iain Mellis, I decided to put tradition to the test.’
    • ‘After climbing a flight of steps next to the original Iain Mellis cheesemonger's shop, you enter a dimly lit first-floor room, which is long and thin and punctuated by a couple of intimate alcoves.’
    • ‘The first shop opened in 1993 and now there are three, which must sum up the quality of this assiduous cheesemonger.’