Meaning of cheffy in English:


Pronunciation /ˈʃɛfi/

adjectiveadjective cheffier, adjective cheffiest

  • Relating to or characteristic of a chef (especially with reference to elaborate recipes, complicated techniques, etc.)

    • ‘there are no trendy ingredients or cheffy tricks’
    • ‘when you cook and write a lot about food, you pick up some cheffy habits’
    • ‘We've long been familiar with the open kitchen, where you observe the cheffy goings on from varying distances.’
    • ‘It turns out lichen is a very cheffy ingredient.’
    • ‘She'd always loved cooking, but didn't think her style was cheffy enough.’
    • ‘There are worthy meats, too, although done with an edgier, cheffy sensibility.’
    • ‘As a little cheffy touch, we season the croquettes with a little parsley salt and garnish the dish with baby parsley shoots.’
    • ‘I had planned some culinary delights because Big Al loves his food - indeed by his own admission he can be "a bit cheffy".’
    • ‘As somebody who gets paid to sit in restaurants, I'm well accustomed to deciphering hackneyed old menu descriptions and cheffy verbiage.’
    • ‘He gets cheffy sometimes, but he doesn't flinch about pencilling fish fingers into the mix, either.’
    • ‘It was one of the most beautiful flavour experiences I've ever enjoyed and most definitely not a cheffy gimmick.’
    • ‘But despite having a fun time, I've never been inspired to make any of the dishes back home, complaining they're too complicated and cheffy.’