Meaning of Chelonia in English:


Pronunciation /kɪˈləʊnɪə/

plural noun

former term for Testudines
‘The Norian age was remarkable for the appearance of the Chelonia which seem to have emerged out of nowhere.’
  • ‘Six extinct genera, as well as the extant genera Caretta and Chelonia, date from the Upper Cretaceous of Europe and North America.’
  • ‘More pages on Chelonia are planned for the near future.’
  • ‘If reincarnated, I will never come back as a marine turtle - certainly not one of the edible varieties, the green turtle Chelonia mydas, for example.’
  • ‘This suggests that turtles, all now classified in the reptile order Chelonia, were originally created in at least two separate basic kinds.’


Modern Latin (plural), from Greek khelōnē ‘tortoise’.