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Pronunciation /ˈtʃɛkəd/

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  • 1Having a pattern consisting of alternating squares of different colours.

    ‘a blue and white chequered tablecloth’
    • ‘The wooden board had a checkered pattern of sixty-four black and white squares and a compartment on either side of the board.’
    • ‘Modern checkered patterns and jacquards and high-quality uni-colours are the most popular in the international market this spring.’
    • ‘The modern game dates from the 15th century, when the board of squares became chequered and the pieces gained their present form.’
    • ‘It was smooth and there were blue lines all over it, set into a chequered pattern.’
    • ‘She was wearing a mini skirt with a chequered pattern and a pink and white string top with a butterfly on it.’
    • ‘By mixing two complementary patterns, it's possible to create distinctive designs that emulate rich neutral basket weaves or vibrant checkered patterns.’
    • ‘The facade of the third block of apartments on the garden is distinguished by a checkered pattern formed of black and light-gray panels that slide over the windows as sunshades.’
    • ‘The interior features painted wood paneling and a new ceramic floor in a checkered pattern, in keeping with the chapel's original architectural style.’
    • ‘The all-time best ‘color’ is a checkered pattern of yellow and black.’
    • ‘My eyes followed the checkered patterns across the carpet.’
    • ‘She wore two flannel shirts, the outer one royal-blue with black checkered squares and pearled snaps down the front.’
    • ‘Down the middle is a double row of checkered squares, red and white, with a black horizontal footprint just below the center.’
    • ‘I imagine in that case, the red checkered tablecloth would do.’
    • ‘To me, the scene looked like fun - what with the checkered tablecloths, faces of all ages, and the music and all.’
    • ‘Cover that buffet table with an antique patchwork quilt, checkered tablecloth or even canvas potato sacks.’
    • ‘It looks European with its patterned chequered floor tiles and light coloured natural wood tables and chairs, with brightly coloured place mats.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, patterned shirts - such as plaid, striped and checkered - tend to be less versatile, and for many they can be a nightmare to mix and match.’
    • ‘Although not highly recommended, you can always wear a plaid pattern shirt with a checkered tie, so long as the patterns aren't identical in size.’
    • ‘Each image is heavily ornamented with striped columns, checkered banners, rows of squares, and other simple shapes.’
    • ‘On top of their sweaters the students pulled on coloured checkered jerseys.’
    checked, multicoloured, many-coloured, harlequin, varicoloured, particoloured
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  • 2Marked by periods of varied fortune or discreditable incidents.

    ‘the chequered history of post-war Britain’
    • ‘his chequered past might hurt his electability’
    • ‘What was Adams thinking when he hired a man with a checkered past and a history of skirting the rules?’
    • ‘The story, a labyrinthine mystery set in 1830s France, concerns a brilliant detective with a checkered past on the trail of a potentially supernatural killer who wears a featureless, reflective mask.’
    • ‘He pokes fun at his checkered past by greeting concert audiences with the catchphrase, ‘Good to be here, good to be anywhere.’’
    • ‘One of the people in your report had a checkered past.’
    • ‘He has a checkered past as a park ranger, ferry naturalist, and Peace Corps volunteer in Kazakstan.’
    • ‘All of this resided in my checkered past, almost forgotten until last week.’
    • ‘A jewel heist occurs at the hotel and the inspector immediately suspects Valentin because of his checkered past.’
    • ‘Right now, he's a sophomore with a checkered past.’
    • ‘‘Oh sure, throw my checkered past back in my face,’ Clark jokes, and glances over to her.’
    • ‘The checkered past of food irradiation began nearly 50 years ago in an attempt to send can-packed bacon to troops in Vietnam.’
    • ‘This juncture also serves to introduce the motley crew under Dalton's command, each of whom seems to hide a somewhat checkered past.’
    • ‘When I caught wind of your checkered past, I felt like a celibate.’
    • ‘But that's not because of his checkered past, which includes two stays in juvenile detention halls.’
    • ‘When I asked what he was doing there, if he was so normal, he just blushed and said that he had a rather checkered past.’
    • ‘That was the most logical thing to do since RJ had a bad temper and a checkered past.’
    • ‘Indeed, its early post-war history was chequered.’
    • ‘Yet already she had a past more chequered than a bistro tablecloth.’
    • ‘She had led a somewhat colourful and chequered career.’
    • ‘One other indicator, the ‘growth’ patterns in bone microstructure, has a somewhat checkered record.’
    varied, mixed, eventful, full of ups and downs, up and down
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