Meaning of chi-square in English:


Pronunciation /ˌkʌɪˈskwɛː/


(also χ²)
as modifier
  • Relating to or denoting a statistical method assessing the goodness of fit between observed values and those expected theoretically.

    ‘associations between demographic factors and type of treatment were tested using the chi-square test’
    • ‘To assess statistical significance chi-square tests of association and confidence intervals are provided.’
    • ‘These papers contain contributions to regression analysis, the correlation coefficient and includes the chi-square test of statistical significance.’
    • ‘Statistical significance of rescue experiments was assessed using the chi-square test.’
    • ‘I used contingency table analyses and chi-square tests to assess differences in fidelity according to breeding performance, residency status, and study site categories.’
    • ‘It was demonstrated that the statistical power of the chi-square test, for detecting disequilibrium between two loci with two alleles each, depends strongly on the sign of disequilibrium.’