Meaning of child's play in English:

child's play


  • A task which is easily accomplished.

    ‘tapping telephones is child's play’
    • ‘The task would have been child's play to even the very worst of pickpockets.’
    • ‘It is child's play to access your bank account and track your movements through your mobile or by the cash withdrawals that you make.’
    • ‘Without much help from parents or teachers, an easy point and browse mechanism would be child's play.’
    • ‘His piano concertos - all five of them - are among the most eminently enjoyable works in that genre and no child's play at all.’
    • ‘She makes bringing up baby sound like child's play.’
    • ‘Dealing with this should be child's play for a party with a will to win.’
    • ‘Memorising the dates and events in your history books and the complex equations in chemistry would just be child's play.’
    • ‘People think that it's just child's play but it's very demanding.’
    • ‘She is now taking an advanced diploma, which is anything but child's play.’
    • ‘Obviously, profiting from such an intrusion requires skill; though as we've illustrated, getting inside the network is child's play.’