Meaning of chiliad in English:



  • 1rare A group of a thousand things.

    • ‘You made my life one breathless thrill then left me on this lonely bed, with no instructions how to fill the chiliads of hours ahead.’
    • ‘One of my first projects was to turn my attention to the decreasing frequency of primes, to which end I counted the primes in several chiliads and recorded the results on the attached white pages.’
    • ‘Gauss (who was a prodigious calculator) told a friend that whenever he had a spare 15 minutes he would spend it in counting the primes in a ‘chiliad’.’
    1. 1.1A thousand years; a millennium.


Late Middle English from late Latin chilias, chiliad- ‘a thousand years’, from Greek khilias, khiliad-, from khilioi ‘thousand’.