Meaning of chill-cast in English:



[with object]Metallurgy
  • Rapidly solidify (cast iron or other metal) by contact with a cooled metal mould or other cold surface in order to produce a hard, dense surface.

    ‘the first metal flowing on to the cold plate is virtually chill-cast’
    • ‘a thin layer of chill-cast crystals’
    • ‘A chill-cast gun-metal will therefore be very different in structure and properties from one which has been annealed.’
    • ‘This was discovered during an early investigation of the strength and hardness of ternary alloys containing up to 43% Cd and 14% Sb using chill-cast specimens.’
    • ‘An inclined chill-casting shown in Fig.1 has been cast for verifying the developed model.’
    • ‘For example, our pan floor tiles are made from chill-cast nickel chromium steel ensuring a long trouble free life with hard aggregate and a lifetime's use with soft aggregate and limestone.’
    • ‘The PIAD process employs chill-casting techniques and a specialty-steel mold to produce precision castings made from copper and copper-base alloys.’