Meaning of chill-out in English:


Pronunciation /ˈtʃɪlaʊt/

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informal attributive
  • Intended to induce or enhance a relaxed mood.

    • ‘this is chill-out music of the most exquisite kind’
    • ‘a chill-out album’
    • ‘the venue includes a large central dance floor and a quiet chill-out room’
    • ‘If you're into ambient, chill-out, trip-hop, electro-dub or downbeat, this album is for you.’
    • ‘Make The Face combines elements of lowdown sex, dirty funk and electropop with hints of hip-hop and chill-out, providing an excellent soundtrack to life in the bustling metropolis of 2004.’
    • ‘So imagine my reaction when a new techno chill-out ambient album, promising ‘peace, love and spaced out infinity sounds’ landed on my desk.’
    • ‘In fact, it almost seems that Zero 7 have come out of nowhere to give us an album that's going to stand the test of time as a classic of down-tempo chill-out grooves.’
    • ‘The sound itself lies somewhere between early-doors Air, dark-edged Zero 7 and a whole ghettoload of hip-hop, trip-hop and chill-out.’
    • ‘Snoop's brooding vocals provide some delicate tension on these horny soul and R&B-rounded tracks that are textbook chill-out hip-hop at its best.’
    • ‘Here's another spacey, chill-out electronic album that features a DJ / producer and a sweet-sounding female vocalist.’
    • ‘After one too many chill-out compilations featuring remixes of Dido songs, downtempo seemed destined to die a quick death.’
    • ‘Refurbishment is underway to create the chill-out area where customers will be able to eat and drink in a relaxed environment.’
    • ‘There were four main areas - an eclectic dance area, a hard house area, a chill-out room and a dungeon.’
    • ‘And it is a frequently surprising collection of records, all of which incorporate African rhythms, instruments and lyrics, into a broad spectrum of chill-out influences.’
    • ‘Setting the template for every retro-futuristic chill-out album that's appeared since, so the argument went, Air had perfected a style.’
    • ‘‘Let It Come Down’ begins with the almost feel-good, chill-out rock stomper ‘On Fire’.’
    • ‘The creepy keyboard and vocals give way to a jazzy chill-out beat at about the 2: 15 mark.’
    • ‘So, in theory, you can ‘get down’ to Barry White in your chill-out room without getting tangled up in wires and leads.’
    • ‘Such vagaries are too often the curse of modern chill-out music.’
    • ‘Two years on, with the chill-out scene in full swing, Alpinestars return with a much more upfront and upbeat record.’
    • ‘The score is a fantastic piece of downtempo electronic chill-out that sets the tone absolutely perfectly.’
    • ‘But unlike chill-out discs that serve mainly as sedate background ambience, Lost Horizons is a trip's prelude that opens the gates to enchantment.’
    • ‘The series is the brainchild of Austin Wilde, also responsible for the chill-out and hip-hop compilation series Another Late Night and Badmeaningood.’


  • 1A period of relaxation.

    • ‘reserve a space for an after-work chill-out’
    • ‘we were just there for a chill-out’
    1. 1.1mass noun Quiet or ambient music intended to induce or enhance a relaxed mood.
      • ‘a mix of hip-hop beats with the soothing ambience of chill-out’