Meaning of chill factor in English:

chill factor

Pronunciation /ˈtʃɪlˌfaktə/

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  • A quantity expressing the perceived lowering of the air temperature caused by the wind.

    ‘The freezer is - 40 deg F, and fans create a wind chill factor that drops the temperature to 100 degrees below zero.’
    • ‘And the wind chill factor plus the cool temperatures, led to spot purchases of warm Disney Brand parkers at US $58 each.’
    • ‘The cold moved slowly up the country towards Wellington yesterday, the wind chill factor keeping temperatures very low.’
    • ‘Due to the sub-zero temperatures, around minus 52C including the wind chill factor, the body burns more calories a day to maintain warmth.’
    • ‘Yesterday was a sunny day but the wind chill factor on the sea front in Plymouth might have been about minus 2 or 3.’
    • ‘The wind chill factor on the roof of the alps puts the temperature at about minus 10C but we wade knee-deep in pristine powder, waving our arms and skylarking like the Beatles in Help.’
    • ‘For you people in the North East things have been especially scorching, with temperatures getting up to 150 degrees with the wind chill factor.’
    • ‘The computerized multi-tray deep freezer features fans that turn the wind chill factor to 110 degrees below zero.’
    • ‘I was almost grateful the wind chill factor was minus 10 and the temperature a mere seven degrees at the top of the pass since by then I was so hot I was steaming.’
    • ‘A cold front in the Chicago area caused temperatures to plummet below ten degrees with a wind chill factor near zero.’
    • ‘Stuck in a hugely precarious and dangerous situation, in a full snow storm with a wind chill factor of about minus 80 degrees, Simpson found himself staring death in the face.’
    • ‘At motorway speeds in December the wind chill factor comes in, freezing you quicker if not properly attired.’
    • ‘For the record, the gale was approximately Force 5, the wind chill factor about - 10C, and all that was garnished with a selection of accompaniments ranging from rain to hail.’
    • ‘But the wind chill factor could make the weather feel much colder.’
    • ‘Some statements they have expressed are, ‘I watch the weather channel’ and questions like, ‘What is the wind chill factor?’’
    • ‘If you're like most of us, you've probably skipped a few gym days (hey, we understand not wanting to go out when the wind chill factor is zero) and indulged in a few too many comfort foods.’
    • ‘I was starting to become disappointed, and the wind chill factor of three degrees Fahrenheit wasn't helping matters, especially as evening set in and the weather got even colder.’
    • ‘It's not so bad when riding because of the wind chill factor, but running does get very warm,’ she says.’
    • ‘I would have tried to brave the wind chill factor - it's not that long of a walk to the train, or from the Whitehall station to my office - but it feels like there's solid lead in my sinuses.’
    • ‘The water of the Southern Ocean peaks at two degrees, and then there's the wind chill factor.’