Meaning of chillingly in English:


Pronunciation /ˈtʃɪlɪŋli/


  • In an unsettling or horrifying way.

    ‘her troubled childhood was brilliantly and chillingly evoked in her memoir’
    • ‘a chillingly cold-blooded plan’
    • ‘The mental mind games these three play chillingly reveal truth to be a function of power.’
    • ‘Even the ones who listened to punk found it chillingly well-produced.’
    • ‘It responded to a chillingly focused set of official strategies.’
    • ‘It's a chillingly honest picture of a man confronting his mortality, with turquoise eyes peering out of a ghostly white mask.’
    • ‘The racial embodiment of this economic system produces a landscape chillingly similar to the one described by Koloane.’
    • ‘The attack came just days after a chillingly similar incident.’
    • ‘Miss Scarlet, a blonde-haired femme fatale, looks chillingly capable of wielding a dagger, in the dining room.’
    • ‘These allegations now seem chillingly credible in the light of the photographss.’
    • ‘This "scientific" approach to artistic work yields chillingly antiseptic results.’
    • ‘His original comments have been chillingly confirmed by the recent revelations in the letter written by one of the hijackers.’