Meaning of chilopod in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkʌɪləpɒd/



See Chilopoda

‘Major arthropod lines have long been recognized (insects, crustaceans, chelicerates, diplopods, chilopods, etc.), but the phylogenetic relationships among these groups remain controversial.’
  • ‘Fritsch briefly described two specimens from the Cretaceous of the Czech Republic that he identified as chilopods, one a possible lithobiomorph.’
  • ‘As with millipedes, we close this general section by addressing the impact of chilopods on humans.’
  • ‘Five important extant classes of Arthropods are arachnids, chilopods, diplopods, crustaceans and insects.’
  • ‘Centipedes or chilopods are part of a larger group of arthropods called the Myriapoda.’