Meaning of chimney sweep in English:

chimney sweep


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  • A person whose job is cleaning out the soot from chimneys.

    ‘The basic task of a chimney sweep is to clean chimneys.’
    • ‘When was the last time you or your neighbor had your chimney inspected or cleaned by a chimney sweep?’
    • ‘As the final step in the cleaning, the chimney sweep will usually clean out the inside of the fireplace to remove the dislodged debris, then vacuum up any dust or soot.’
    • ‘Fellow chimney sweep Nick Bowkett, 39, has been cleaning chimneys across the town for 17 years.’
    • ‘Now, I was brought up by my father on the principle never to wrestle with a chimney sweep, because whatever you do you can't come out clean.’
    • ‘‘No, it's not out of pity,’ Amy shook her head, ‘How can he pity her when he's the one working as a chimney sweep and roaming around the dirty streets?’’
    • ‘He was taller, much taller, and no longer covered in soot like he had been during his days as a chimney sweep.’
    • ‘Shane McCarthy is a Berkeley-educated chimney sweep, plying his trade in the mercurial atmosphere of dot-com bubble San Francisco circa 1999.’
    • ‘I finally broke down this past week and hired a professional chimney sweep to clamber up on our roof and clear away the 8-inch buildup of ice that clogged the intake and exhaust vents of our gas fireplace insert.’
    • ‘Senior officials of Killarney Town Council is to issue a formal apology to a local chimney sweep for incorrectly informing residents that he had retired from business.’
    • ‘Marie Middleton, a 22-year-old from Grassington, hit the national headlines after the Herald reported she was to become a chimney sweep.’
    • ‘A chimney sweep who has kept Ryedale's home fires burning safely for the last 15 years is appealing for someone to replace him - so he can hang up his brushes for good.’
    • ‘An aura of tackiness, exploitation and misery clings to British child stars - they are pop's equivalent of a Victorian chimney sweep.’
    • ‘Joe was born in Halifax in 1863 and started part-time work at the age of five, helping his father, Henry, a chimney sweep.’
    • ‘He instead became a chimney sweep, offering his services to weddings where the presence of a sweep traditionally brought good luck.’
    • ‘A chimney sweep greeted the bride and groom as they left the church.’
    • ‘But she was so grateful, she enlisted Mr Eagles' expertise in his new career as a chimney sweep.’
    • ‘They did invite a chimney sweep who is supposed to bring good fortune.’
    • ‘Is it wedged safely next to the wall where only a small chimney sweep of a child could wriggle through?’
    • ‘You want to pick out a chimney sweep who's certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America.’