Meaning of China rose in English:

China rose


  • 1A Chinese rose that was introduced into Europe in the 19th century.

    Rosa chinensis, family Rosaceae

    ‘Over the next decade the Dutch and British East India Companies brought back dozens of new China roses, leading to the development of Teas, Bourbons, and Portlands.’
    • ‘To my intense regret, I cannot grow China roses; they are hardy only from zones 7 through 10.’
    • ‘Rosa chinensis ‘Mutabilis’, a China rose, has single blooms in shades of buff, pink, and red from spring into winter.’
    • ‘For most visitors, the most breathtaking part of Gravetye was the west garden, brimming with tea and China roses and surrounded by wisteria-clad pergolas, arches, and trellises.’
    • ‘In China, flower heads of the red China rose, R. semperflorens, are sometimes cooked whole as a vegetable.’
    1. 1.1Any of a number of garden rose varieties derived from crosses of the China rose.
      • ‘One nursery in Glasgow sold over 200 named varieties, but since the arrival of the modern China rose, trends have changed and many have been lost or confused with others.’
  • 2A tropical shrubby evergreen hibiscus, which is cultivated for its large showy flowers.

    Hibiscus rosa-sinensis, family Malvaceae

    ‘There are indications that the very popular China rose (Hibiscus rosa-sinensis) was introduced to the Chelsea Physic Garden in London in 1731.’
    • ‘Hibiscus plants (commonly known as 'China rose') have gorgeous velvety, exotic looking flowers.’
    • ‘The study shows that the china rose (Hibiscus rosasinensis) petal is a potent natural carotenoid source for goldfish to enhance its colour and also accelerate gonadal development.’