Meaning of Chinese chequers in English:

Chinese chequers

Pronunciation /ˌtʃʌɪniːz ˈtʃɛkəz/

plural noun

(US Chinese checkers)
usually treated as singular
  • A board game for two to six players who attempt to move marbles or counters from one corner to the opposite one on a star-shaped board.

    ‘Also try some traditional board games such as draughts, chess, Chinese chequers, word games, card games and quiz-type games, as well as the more complex fantasy games.’
    • ‘Finally, five days after her birthday, she headed back downstairs just after lunch with a box in her hands filled with the game board for Chinese checkers as well as a sack of marbles.’
    • ‘She returned with her Chinese checkers board and sack of marbles and then proceeded to set the game up between them.’
    • ‘The dots were evenly spaced and arranged in crisscrossing rows, forming a perfect six-sided figure that resembled the center of a board of Chinese checkers [see lower photograph on page 53].’
    • ‘We went to my grandmother's house on Saturday afternoons for endless games of gin rummy, Parcheesi, and Chinese checkers.’
    • ‘They don't even have a game of Chinese checkers, do they?’
    • ‘While Fiona and Dom were having a blast at the prom, Lillian and Vivian spent the night playing their favorite game, Chinese checkers.’
    • ‘Like a game of Chinese checkers, not only were parallel avenues shut down, but alternating streets.’
    • ‘Nathaniel and Gail were in the middle of yet another game of Chinese checkers just as the clock struck seven o'clock.’
    • ‘What did he think the kids were going to do - play Chinese checkers?’
    • ‘She was rolling marbles down a slide she'd constructed from one of Nathaniel's spare blankets, aggrieved that they could no longer play Chinese checkers because of Nathaniel's ailing condition.’
    • ‘And later that evening, much to the annoyance of the grown-ups, I challenged him to Chinese checkers, which I had never lost.’
    • ‘The final shots are of the humans spoon feeding the beast, fixing the ship and - dear God, here it comes - playing Chinese checkers together.’
    • ‘We still regularly crush them in Chinese checkers and Yahtzee, don't we?’