Meaning of Chinese restaurant syndrome in English:

Chinese restaurant syndrome


mass noun
  • An illness marked by short attacks of weakness, numbness, palpitations, and headaches, often attributed to overconsumption of monosodium glutamate (used as a seasoning in Chinese cooking as well as in many processed foods).

    ‘Since it's often found in Chinese foods, an MSG-induced headache is sometimes referred to as ‘Chinese restaurant syndrome,’ though the additive is also an ingredient in many processed meats and tenderizers.’
    • ‘In addition, dyes and food additives such as monosodium glutamate can cause syndromes such as ‘Chinese restaurant syndrome’, and other adverse reactions.’
    • ‘It is linked to headaches and something commonly known as ‘Chinese restaurant syndrome’, which includes faintness and sweating.’
    • ‘And so was born Chinese restaurant syndrome and a medico-academic industry dedicated to the researching and publicising of the dangers of MSG - the foreign migrant contaminating American kitchens.’
    • ‘Sensitive people, Bayu explained, may also suffer what is known as the Chinese restaurant syndrome contributed to by monosodium glutamate, which can affect sensitive nerves in the brain.’