Meaning of ching in English:


Pronunciation /tʃɪŋ/


  • An abrupt high-pitched ringing sound, typically one made by a cash register.

    ‘nothing shifts the winds of Hollywood opinion like the ching of a box office cash register’
    • ‘Jess's boss must have heard the ching of the cash register, because she appeared from behind the door again.’
    • ‘I had finished my crackers and jam and gone back up to my room when I heard the ching of the doorbell and my father's voice and then another man's, though not Uncle Fitz.'s.’
    • ‘The door closed behind them with a small ching of tiny bells, shutting out the roar of the crowd.’
    • ‘It's probably been a few months since I've heard the ching! of a toaster telling me my toast is done, or the annoying beep of a microwave after it pops my popcorn.’
    • ‘The ball connected with a dull ching and I took off to first.’
    • ‘There was the cash drawer, sliding open with a ching that seemed now like something eerie and wholly alien.’
    • ‘A loud ching interrupted Jake's thoughts as he turned back towards the impending battle.’
    • ‘A soft ching of metal told her that that someone was trying to pick the lock.’
    • ‘The scoreboard, undisturbed by the chaos, went ching!’