Meaning of Chinglish in English:



mass nouninformal
  • A blend of Chinese and English, in particular a variety of English used by speakers of Chinese, incorporating some Chinese vocabulary or constructions.

    ‘he speaks Mandarin Chinese but often uses a form of Chinglish’
    • ‘Chinglish is often quaint and attractive, expressing the hospitality and unique perspective of the Chinese world-view.’
    • ‘Chinglish reflects the strong influence of Western culture on the Chinese culture.’
    • ‘Chinglish is a variation on the English language.’
    • ‘But what is proper Chinglish - British English, American English or Australian English?’
    • ‘Chinglish has its own, yet unformed, innovative trends which should be distinguished from mere errors or carelessness.’
    • ‘However, the narration was in fluent Chinglish and would occasionally disappear at crucial moments.’
    • ‘But along the way, some fear a little something is being lost, the old world charm, that special Chinglish.’
    • ‘"Far from being corruptions of English, new forms of the language such as 'Chinglish' have values that we must learn to accommodate and relate to," it adds.’
    • ‘On the other hand, Chinglish is hitting back due to attempts to use translation software to improve matters.’
    • ‘Although public signs can be easily altered, there remains some doubt over whether officials can contain the spread of Chinglish among private businesses.’
    • ‘But some meanings appear to have been lost in translation, so that they are incomprehensible to a native English speaker, as has happened with other hybrid languages such as Chinglish, spoken in China, and Singapore's Singlish.’
    • ‘Everywhere official signs on roads, public buildings and commercial districts proudly display large and expensive signs in English or rather "Chinglish" (Chinese English).’
    • ‘It is time to stop thinking of Chinglish as a linguistic disease.’
    • ‘Written in Chinglish, the article is credited to the People's Daily.’
    • ‘The Chinglish headline is a little abstract.’
    • ‘An article written in rather pleasant Chinglish has the following stats about Internet usage in China.’
    • ‘Shanghai has a special committee that has to deal with the most urgent cases of Chinglish in the city.’
    • ‘New arrivals to Britain should not be taught English but cultural mixes such as Hinglish, Spanglish and Chinglish, a report says today.’