Meaning of Chinook Jargon in English:

Chinook Jargon


mass noun
  • An extinct pidgin composed of elements from Chinook, Nootka, English, French, and other languages, formerly used in the Pacific North-West of North America.

    ‘Jargons are used for communicating in limited situations: trade jargons generally, and Chinook Jargon, a trade language spoken along the north-west Pacific coast of North America from the 18c.’
    • ‘They used this writing system not only for Chinook Jargon but for English, French, Latin, Lillooet, Secwepmectsín, and Nlaka'pamux (Thompson).’
    • ‘To get you started, here are a few of the more familiar Chinook Jargon words with brief comments.’
    • ‘In Kamloops, a newspaper called the Kamloops Wawa was published in Chinook Jargon using the wawa writing.’
    • ‘Once the language of trade, then the working class, Chinook Jargon is now seldom heard, save for ceremonial usage.’
    • ‘This project involved several Chinook Jargon speakers and linguists translating the letter from their own perspectives.’
    • ‘Although the Chinook Jargon took some words from the Chinook language spoken as a first language by the Chinook Indians, it has none of the latter's grammatical and lexical complexity.’
    • ‘It is Chinook Jargon which Klassen is writing about, not Chinook, by the way.’
    • ‘Therefore the Chinook Jargon evolved into a working language that allowed the many ethnic groups to communicate with each other and work together.’
    • ‘The annual Chinook Jargon Workshop is one good way to reach more potential speakers of Chinook.’