Meaning of chinquapin in English:


Pronunciation /ˈtʃɪŋkəpɪn/


(also chinkapin)
  • 1A North American chestnut tree.

    Several species in the family Fagaceae, in particular Castanea pumila

    ‘They're also checking related species - chestnuts, beeches, and chinquapins - as well as rhododendron and huckleberry relatives: manzanitas, cranberries, and more.’
    • ‘West Texas generally offers landscapes of muted colors - sepia earth and vast sun-bleached skies - but this canyon cradles a riparian forest of big-tooth maple, alligator juniper, and chinquapin oak.’
    • ‘Black oak, red oak, chinquapin oak, bitternut hickory, and pignut hickory are common near hill summits, where the driest conditions prevail.’
    • ‘The blight also infected chinquapins (also of the genus Castanea), and some species of oak, especially post oak, Quercus Stella.’
    • ‘The nuts all came from a type of Castanopsis, or chinkapin tree, modern representatives of which are found in Northwest United States and Asia today.’
    1. 1.1The edible nut of the chinquapin.
      ‘They sometimes also offered small quantities of chinquapin nuts and, rarely, walnuts.’
      • ‘Chestnuts, chinquapins, and other nuts could also be gathered from the woods.’


Early 17th century from Virginia Algonquian.