Meaning of chintzily in English:



See chintzy

‘Even an American is included: Winslow Homer, rather chintzily represented by two wood engravings from Harper's Weekly: one depicting a Parisian ball; the other, students copying paintings at the Louvre.’
  • ‘It actually becomes a truly chilling, beyond-twisted junk film that never ceases to amaze in its chintzily charming, visually inspired, and honestly whorish way.’
  • ‘I find it easy to believe that the sisters’ small French town looked something like this, and that the houses they worked in felt this chintzily dull and gray.’
  • ‘I don't think anyone was expecting Meredith, Derek, Burke, Cristina, Izzie, George, bartender Joe, and the Chief to face off in a festive Turkey Bowl or anything as chintzily holiday-themed as that.’
  • ‘Rooms are spacey and plushly - if slightly chintzily - decorated and the main part of the Hall includes a swimming pool and spa, drawing room, dining room, bar, ¿ la carte restaurant and nightclub.’