Meaning of chip heater in English:

chip heater


Australian, New Zealand
  • A domestic water heater that burns wood chips.

    ‘Water is heated by a chip heater if there's not enough sun for the solar powered heating system.’
    • ‘Finally, at the best hotel the drivers found a chip heater, stoked it up, and soaked luxuriously.’
    • ‘Toilet, caravans, chip heater, shower make the camp - and it's only 300 metres from the lake.’
    • ‘The bathroom or ‘wash house’, as it was still called, usually had a chip heater to provide hot water.’
    • ‘This electric wood chip heater is most effective when used in an intimate setting for personal incense appreciation.’
    • ‘So, perhaps the old chip heater has had its day or you could get more heat out of your woodburner, if the wetback wasn't busy cooling down the firebox.’
    • ‘In the laundry there was a copper for washing the clothes and making soap and in the bathroom a chip heater that made the evening bath a major chore.’
    • ‘The board worked fairly well, but consumed quite a bit of power, because of the chip heaters.’
    • ‘Why use a chip heater if electric or solar power is available?’
    • ‘There's plenty of camping space, showers with hot water (wood chip heaters) and flushing toilets.’
    • ‘The low temperature drift achieved with these technologies can be matched only by the use of ovens, chip heaters for temperature regulation, or with hand selected components and manual trimming.’