Meaning of chipboard in English:


Pronunciation /ˈtʃɪpbɔːd/

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mass noun
  • Material made in rigid sheets from compressed wood chips and resin, often coated or veneered, used in furniture, buildings, etc.

    ‘‘Aye, aye, Cap'n,’ I salute, as Nutter, Andy and Clem start to shift the new counters - all MDF, chipboard and mahogany-style veneer.’
    • ‘People should also try to reuse incoming boxes for outgoing deliveries, recycle packaging materials such as cardboard, chipboard, bags, plastics etc., along with recycling food and beverage containers.’
    • ‘Forms constructed using metal, wood, fabric or chipboard are bakeable.’
    • ‘Virtual projects are no less architecture than a building that was designed on paper or built of chipboard but never executed in stone and glass.’
    • ‘And as engineered wood products like chipboard accelerate clearcutting, plantation conversion and native forest loss, many of the species depending on these habitats are going too.’
    • ‘The six artists will construct the full-scale model from reclaimed wood and chipboard for a show at Glasgow's 1000 square metre Tramway gallery next April.’
    • ‘But actually, on closer inspection, there's an awful lot of laminated chipboard and boring old MDF disguised with cherry veneer.’
    • ‘They boasted that the units cost less than chipboard and that the wood came only from ‘green’ forest plantations.’
    • ‘He removed some chipboard, some wood, and produced a ball of twine, and then asked me to help him carry it.’
    • ‘The booths, chipboard and cheap wood, looked identical to every set of polling booths I've ever used.’
    • ‘In the end, we produce a raw material for secondary use in paper and chipboard,’ said Bailey.’
    • ‘We also came back with a car-load of various size chipboard planks, a few wood crates (later to contain my Christmas presents to the relatives!), metal shelving and assorted wood offcuts.’
    • ‘She doesn't believe much in the milk of human kindness: if you rip away the wood veneer of civilisation it's just chipboard underneath.’
    • ‘You can use those pretentious bits of chipboard painted in five colours as barbecue fuel.’
    • ‘Timber would be shredded to produce wood chips for the production of mulch, chipboard or compost.’
    • ‘Every year the Commission's North York Moors Forest District produces 100,000 tonnes of timber, mostly going towards chipboard, pallets and construction materials.’
    • ‘Environmentally-friendly ones include cardboard, chipboard, papier-mâché and wicker coffins.’
    • ‘To establish acceptability limits for concrete paths, riders rated the discomfort of riding over chipboard sheets of different thicknesses.’
    • ‘You can lay your shirts flat without a platen or palette inside, or you can make a cardboard or chipboard platen to stick inside.’
    • ‘They have terrible chipboard furniture, vile nylon carpets and the walls are woodchipped to hell and back.’