Meaning of chirography in English:


Pronunciation /kʌɪˈrɒɡrəfi/

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mass noun
  • Handwriting, especially as distinct from typography.

    ‘It does, indeed contribute to render spoken discourse more effective, but so does elegant chirography or clear typography improve the effectiveness of written thought.’
    • ‘The picturesque, to be sure, is equally deficient in his chirography and in his poetical productions.’
    • ‘As can be seen, even the adequate classification of chirography in relation to other picture signs, or other tracings on surfaces, remains a task for the future.’
    • ‘There can be no doubt that his chirography has been modified, like that of Paulding, by strong adventitious circumstances - for it appears to retain but few of his literary peculiarities.’
    • ‘In spite of the clear chirography, some labor to read such a letter was required, for the crossed characters were confusing to the human eye, which can read in only one direction at a time.’
    • ‘I will briefly touch upon that in this paper to establish a theoretical basis for the generated electronic chirography project.’
    handwriting, hand, script, penmanship, pen, print, printing, longhand, calligraphy, chirography