Meaning of chironomid in English:


Pronunciation /kʌɪˈrɒnəmɪd/


  • An insect of a family (Chironomidae) that comprises the non-biting midges.

    ‘The worms are actually the dark-red larvae of non-biting mosquito-like insects known as chironomids, more commonly called midges.’
    • ‘Young Atlantic salmon in streams eat mainly the larvae of aquatic insects such as blackflies, stoneflies, caddisflies, and chironomids.’
    • ‘By 10-11 days after hatching, young gar begin feeding on small crustaceans, such as cladocerans and copepods, and insects, including various dipterans such as chironomids.’
    • ‘Fish were held in large plastic tanks or large aquaria when not being used, and they were fed frozen chironomids and live damselfly larvae.’
    • ‘As river fish and their invertebrate prey, such as chironomids and caddis larvae, have evolved together, each has influenced the behaviour of the other.’


Late 19th century from modern Latin Chironomidae (plural), from the genus name Chironomus, from Greek kheironomos ‘pantomime dancer’.