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mass nounmainly British
  • The treatment of the feet and their ailments.

    ‘He has unveiled a three-year recovery plan that includes slashing prices and closing its laser eye treatment, dentist and chiropody clinics.’
    • ‘Participants spend three years at Waterloo studying kinesiology, and two years at Michener studying either chiropody or respiratory therapy.’
    • ‘Visiting services will be available such as physiotherapy, chiropody, occupational therapists and alternative therapists.’
    • ‘Patients with peripheral vascular disease benefit from regular chiropody, and those with diabetes should attend a foot clinic.’
    • ‘Residents would share a central mall, library, beauty salon, activity room and cafe and there would also be a treatment room for physiotherapy, aromatherapy, chiropody and other health services.’
    • ‘A wide range of medical services such as physiotherapy, chiropody, acupuncture and reflexology is provided for the residents and visitors to the Centre.’
    • ‘One attractive feature is that it offers a 50 per cent refund of everyday expenses such as GP fees, physiotherapy, child counselling, chiropody and emergency dental treatment.’
    • ‘She arranged work experience at North Tees Hospital's cardio respiratory unit, and in x-ray, chiropody and audiology.’
    • ‘They offer a whole range of facials, massage, pedicure, manicure and chiropody treatments, ranging in price from £24 for a basic pedicure to £39 for the super de luxe.’
    • ‘At present, only two therapies - osteopathy and chiropody - have a regulatory umbrella body, established by the government.’
    • ‘Nevertheless, after further decades of boundary disputes with medicine, chiropody in Britain finally achieved state registration or licensing in 1960, largely within the terms of the above definition.’
    • ‘Community based diabetes nursing, dietetics, and chiropody posts were unfilled.’
    • ‘It is treated with physiotherapy, osteopathy, chiropody and surgery or a combination of treatments.’
    • ‘They may offer leisure activities such as arts and crafts, or services such as chiropody and hairdressing.’
    • ‘There will also be a variety of health services available, including physiotherapy, chiropody, healthy eating, sexual health advice and counselling sessions.’
    • ‘What infuriates me is the undervaluing of the sort of help which keeps older women reasonably fit - physiotherapy, chiropody, check-ups and so on.’
    • ‘In the last financial year, the dentistry, chiropody and laser hair removal businesses reported losses of £16.3 million.’
    • ‘A good initiative, but I wish the Prime Minister could have been with me when I went to my clinic for chiropody yesterday.’
    • ‘The project involves the provision of evidence-based medical, nursing, dietetic and chiropody care to diabetic patients at GP practice level.’
    • ‘Other facilities will include an expanded community dental service, new surgeries for chiropody, additional classes for new parents, more consulting rooms and an office for local social workers.’



/kɪˈrɒpədi/ /ʃɪˈrɒpədi/


Late 19th century from chiro-‘hand’ + Greek pous, pod- ‘foot’.