Meaning of chirpiness in English:


Pronunciation /ˈtʃəːpɪnɪs/



See chirpy

‘But even her critics, infuriated by her indomitable chirpiness, admire her equally unquenchable energy.’
  • ‘It is her chirpiness that makes her so popular.’
  • ‘Well-known for his ready smile and chirpiness, Brian, from Lymington, said: ‘We are a very close-knit team and we try to make things fun for obvious reasons.’’
  • ‘‘What me and Mr Romanov speak about has nothing to do with you,’ said Rix when this was mentioned, his wearing chirpiness vanishing at the hint of being asked something demanding.’
  • ‘I've hidden it as best I can when I've stayed at his place, or when we've been away together, but his chirpiness drives me nuts, and there's no way I could keep up the façade full-time.’