Meaning of choc in English:


Pronunciation /tʃɒk/

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informal British
  • A chocolate.

    • ‘we consoled ourselves by scoffing chocs’
    • ‘I'll bring you a choc bar’
    • ‘I passed on chocs from Belgium and jellybeans from the USA and assembled a more local gourmet snack of cheese from Wensleydale and homemade fudge laced with Masham's Black Sheep Ale.’
    • ‘Be it a choc chip cookie or a choc mint ice cream, as long as it looked like it had bits of chocolate shavings in it, she's bound to love it… or eat it.’
    • ‘He was wearing a sweater that was the exact colour of melted mint choc chip ice cream, except without the choc chips.’
    • ‘A hazel choc bar could be on the way via an impenetrable Volvo or a pickup.’
    • ‘Flavours include honeycomb and caramel choc mint, and the company has now expanded into sorbets, spring water ice cubes and an organic range.’
    • ‘Love it that it comes with three different fondue dips - white choc, dark choc and milk choc.’
    • ‘These flavours are enough to make your teeth sing: liquorice, toffee, choc mint and lime and chilli, to name a few.’
    • ‘But I was just walking back from college, having eaten most of a pack of Waitrose caramel hearts (which I highly recommend - naff packaging, lovely chocs!) and I'd had a bit of a laugh with my college friends.’
    • ‘For those who cannot remember, a few weeks ago this gentleman wrote in, ‘Just to let you know the Belgium chocs and champagne will be with you shortly as promised.’’
    • ‘You're bound to know if she's watching her weight (even though - of course - you'd NEVER tell her she needs to), and if she is, she won't want huge, lavish boxes of chocs that she can't resist.’
    • ‘Now Bendicks has produced a box of lemon, apricot and rose-flavoured chocs.’
    • ‘Get one today and eat the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th chocs in one go.’
    • ‘Every Christmas we all binge a bit, or perhaps a lot, on our favourite sugar snack: sweets and cakes for the kids, chocs for mum and beer for dad (come on, be honest).’
    • ‘My Birthday, on Monday, was brilliant - the kids got me cashews and Belgian chocs and were so excited and pleased with themselves that I felt all loved and snuggly.’
    • ‘I've a mind to have two prize bags: one filled with delish sweets and chocs and the other into which I've emptied a couple of cans of cat food for them to dip their mucky little paws into.’
    • ‘Who says Valentine's Day is just about cards and chocs?’
    • ‘Write a Christmas wish list to give him, but soften the blow by buying him a box of chocs, eating your favourite and rolling the note into a ball to fill the gap.’
    • ‘The Valentine's deal includes champagne, strawberries, chocs, midnight feasts and a limo transfer.’
    • ‘So tuck a few chillies in with those roses and that box of chocs.’
    • ‘Roses wither, chocs get eaten, but many a Valentine card gets hoarded away as a precious memento of love.’