Significado de chock-a-block en en inglés


Pronunciación /tʃɒkəˈblɒk/


coloquial mainly Britanico predicative
  • Crammed full of people or things.

    ‘the manual is chock-a-block with information’
    • ‘With TV schedules chock-a-block full of irritating property makeover shows, you can't deny we're all obsessed with interiors.’
    • ‘The whole film is chock-a-block full of amazing FX gadgets, surprising twists and interesting characters (not to mention product placements for a leading car manufacturer).’
    • ‘Usually this free newspaper is chock-a-block full of advertisements and feces for articles.’
    • ‘The 100g bar of Chocolat Noir, which I scoffed in one heady moment of shameless indulgence, was chock-a-block with cocoa solids - a whopping 76 per cent.’
    • ‘It comes highly recommended and it's chock-a-block full of action, strategy, humor, mini-games, it'll take many hours to finish, and Luigi finally gets some props.’
    • ‘Having long had this match penciled in as a win, and on the back of two stirring victories, we were chock-a-block full of confidence that our recent good record against the Hooped Affair was going to continue.’
    • ‘Ian Hunter, after having established his position as leader of the band again, was chock-a-block full of songs.’
    • ‘The crowd is chock-a-block with people who like all kinds of music, and there are only very few acts that can cater for such an assorted group of people.’
    • ‘Organiser Mohammed Salim said: ‘It was chock-a-block and everyone created a great atmosphere.’’
    • ‘At the war memorial it was chock-a-block with people standing on the pavement and even in the road.’
    • ‘We will fight long and hard because our roads are already chock-a-block with traffic and more housing will only make the problem worse.’
    • ‘It looks like it was probably built in the 1980s, consists of 15 well appointed apartments with balcony, and is probably chock-a-block with very wealthy people.’
    • ‘‘If there was a Commission for Neds' Equality the courts would be chock-a-block with people not allowed into Archaos,’ he said.’
    • ‘While you probably imagined that my family tree was chock-a-block with international playboys and glamorous socialites, I actually come from a long line of caravanners.’
    • ‘This New Year more than any other, magazines and minds have been chock-a-block with virtuous resolutions concerning abstention, inch - loss and sweat.’
    • ‘Marienbad and music are synonymous, not only because of its illustrious musical visitors, but the summer season is chock-a-block with musical events.’
    • ‘In fact, the 21-room building became so chock-a-block he chose to live in the Priest's House, a converted cottage near the manor.’
    • ‘Even now Skipton's car parks are chock-a-block on a warm summer's day and tourists drive round aimlessly and with increasing frustration.’
    • ‘After a chat we were on our way, most of the day's climbing done on a quiet kilometre of back road up the side of a valley otherwise chock-a-block with bracken.’
    • ‘This clever power-pop debut is chock-a-block with meaty tunes.’
    well supplied with, replete with, overflowing with, bursting with, brimful with, brimming with, loaded with, overloaded with, abounding in, well provided with, well stocked with, rich in, abundant in, rife with


Late 18th century (originally in nautical use, with reference to tackle having the two blocks run close together): from chock (in chock-full) and block.